Edmonton Train Attack – Posessed Woman Goes Haywire

An Attack on The Subway in Edmonton Caught on Camera

A woman on the train begins acting uneasy and squirming around in her seat; suddenly she loses control. An innocent man sitting beside her takes the brunt force of her possibly drug induced rage. The man in the video is only concerned about one thing – eating his can of pringles. She stands up and grabs the man by his throat. Unsure of how to react, the man doesn’t do much at all until the enraged female grabs his hair and proceeds to pull on it. Soon after the woman walks away, but at that point the man has finally been able to process how much of a lower female body part he was during the attack and he gets rowdy. He goes after the crazed female and shortly afterwards offers her a taste of his fist. The police arrive moments after the woman gets the fist facial and arrest both of these people, slapping them with large fines. During this video you can clearly see that the male is the one who received the most trouble from the police after the incident.