Funniest Homeless Signs in History

Homeless Signs that Will Make a Pan Handler Rich$

If you are homeless it pays to be creative with your sign making. If I were to pass a homeless guy on the street with a funny sign, I would be 10x more likely to cough up some cash to drop in the collection bucket. Shown below are some of the best homeless signs ever created.

This Cling on is sure to be raking in cash with this creative sign.

Cling on homeless guy "will not kill you for food"This guys fake smile is not helping his cause, but his sign is pretty funnyHad an affair with hillary clinton homeless signHomeless Bill has the right idea. Something tells me he has a decent shot of getting what he is asking for. Homeless man needs rich womanThis pair of homeless people seen to be doing good. They are collecting some hard earned cash in this image. Not sure how they prevent going to jail thoughHomeless, no clothes or foodObama fans might give him moneyObama ain't the only one who needs changeThis woman is likely making a killing with this sign. Too ugly to prostitute, to stupid to steal signThis guy has taken an interesting approachwill code html for foodNow this is how you make a living at begging for money. He likely spent quite a bit on this suit, but you know what they say: “It takes money to make money”.homeless darth vaderHis sign reads: Help me – I am a disabled clone war vet – Need $$$ to build death star.