You Go Girl! Super Funny Review of the Female Urination Device

Go girl urination deviceA female reviewer on Amazon decided to give her thoughts on the female urination device Go Girl. The following is an actual review on Amazon!

“I peed everywhere. That bush? Yep. Peed on it! That tree? Uh huh. Peed on it. Those tiny woodland creatures? Screw you, b*tches! Peed on them. I peed in the sun. I peed in the rain. I peed just for fun. I peed down a drain. I peed in the light. I peed in the dark. I peed left and right. I peed in the park.

You just hold it in place, pull your pants down just enough for it to stick out and pee. No taking your pants all the way off. No squatting. No accidentally peeing down the side of your leg. When you’re done you just shake it out, rinse it if you can, and stick it back into the container. Easy PEEsy.

The directions say to try this at home first in your toilet. I did not do that and it was fine….HOWEVER…. My friend, on the other hand, who also got a GoGirl for our long weekend adventure, tried it for the first time after several bottles of wine. She didn’t pee on anything. Except herself. So maybe follow the directions unless you’re as awesome as I am, especially if you’ve gone through, like, a bottle and a half of red AND white wine in like 45 minutes. I’m just sayin’.

Also, mine is lavender and hers is khaki, I don’t think that made a difference in pee skill, but I feel like I was more fashionable when doing it. They should make more colors so a girl can coordinate her PEEnis with her outfit.

Either way, I can’t wait until winter so I can try to write my name in the snow.”

A screenshot of the review is posted in the image below. This product has over 400 positive reviews at the moment. If you are looking for a great gag gift item or just in need of a better way to go pee outdoors this item might be just what you need!

Review of the Go Girl urination device