Man Caught Serving Poop To Inlaws at Family Dinner. Care For a Little Desert?

Dog feces cup cake served to inlawsA Minnesota man apparently has a big problem with his in-laws. His mother and father in law were staying with him and his wife for a week long vacation, while their Florida house was being fumigated. During the stay, the Son in law Chris Johnson was preparing all the meals. His father in law happens to work for the food and drug administration and tasted something a little “funny” in his small chocolate desert cake. The father in law (Who’s name has not been disclosed) kept a sample of the cake and had it analyzed by a government forensic team. It turns out Chris Johnson was feeding his parents dog feces. Mr. Johnson declined the opportunity to comment. No charges have been filed so far, apparently there was nothing illegal about feeding K9 feces to other people. It was properly cooked and had no adverse effects on those who consumed it (aside from most likely very bad breath). The victim of this terrible bit of trickery has hired an attorney and is actively seeking restitution.

More to come soon on this breaking news story.