Man Runs Car on His Own “Natural Gas” Turns His Lactose Intolerance Into Fuel

Cheese and methane powered car

Cheese and methane powered car
“Usually a block of sharp cheddar will get me to work” I keep a can of beans nearby in case I need more fuel”.

Karl Sanborn of Lincoln Nebraska has come up with a brilliant way to cut gas costs in this struggling economy. “If I eat one block of sharp cheddar, that usually gets me to work” Sanborn said. “A can of beans and a block of swiss will generally get me pretty loaded with fuel and I can reach highway speeds without too much trouble”. Karl says he always keeps a can of pork and beans at the ready in case he gets low on gas. ” I would rather give my money to a bean or dairy company than some corrupt gas company” Sanborn says.

The gas prices have skyrocketed, but this man is fighting back by making his own personal fuel. When Sanborn goes shopping, he has a specific list of items that will cause him to get “a little gassy”. He has been lactose intolerant his whole life, he finally figured out a way to use his bodies natural distaste for cheese to save money.

Sanborn spent several years studying to be an engineer, which has helped him build the car of his dreams. Most people have heard of the simple modifications to turn a normal gasoline engine into a propane run vehicle, but Sanborn took this technology to a whole new level.

Cheese burger with extra cheese to use for fuel in car.A typical meal for dinner includes a cheese burger with “extra” cheese. Sanborn suffered a near miss at work last year after eating a burger much like the one shown in the image. “Well, I was planning to go up to my cottage after work, so I needed a little extra fuel. I ate that cheeseburger and some of my gas must have escaped my office. I heard the alarms going off but I didn’t realize how much damage I had caused.” Sanborn’s gas had ignited a fire nearly killing several co-workers. Shortly after that nearly tragic incident, he modified his office with special ventilation units. He also got a divorce from his wife since, Sanborn says ” I would rather save money on gas than be married to someone who doesn’t love me for who I am. I gave my wife one “dutch oven” and she wants a divorce?”

Perhaps Sanborn’s biggest problems are right on his front lawn. Crowds of picketers stand on his lawn boycotting his “greenhouse effect”. “They say I am hurting the atmosphere with all of my gas, I never would have guessed that me eating a lot of beans and cheese could cause such an uproar”.