Real Movie and TV Props for Sale – Own Some History

What better way to commemorate your favorite TV show or movie than to own an actual prop!? Some of these great movie props below are a little over priced, but many are very reasonable. Lets get right into them and you can decide if they are worth the asking price. All of these items are authentic and used in the filming of actual movies like Star trek, Hellraiser and more!

This prop was used in the filming of the movie The Grey – with Liam Neeson. This happens to be Hernandez after a wolf attack. He was supposed to keep watch at the plane, but when they found him in the morning he had suffered a brutal death by wolves. This original prop is when they found his body the next morning.

This is a Jennifer (Megan Fox) head puppet mechanism created for the production of the 2009 teen horror comedy Jennifer’s Body.This demon head is made from silicone and has resin teeth for added appeal. Who would not want this great prop sitting in their study?
Original Aeon Flux Original Costume
Gorilla’s in the Mist baby gorilla head
The Original Gold Balls from Austin Powers Goldmember These should be considered a steal in my opinion assuming they are authentic.
Head from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy this extremely realistic looking head is an authentic prop from the movie.
Legit vulcan ears from Star Trek Enterprise Ambassador Soval’s (Gary Gram) Vulcan Ears

Original Movie Prop – The Collector – Michael Chase’s (Michael Reilly Burke) Bloody Head

Original Movie Prop – Stargate SG-1 – Ori Soldier’s Helmet – Authentic

This one is my personal favorite! I am a total fan of Stargate Sg-1 and this helmet is selling for a pretty reasonable price.
Fighter Pilot Helmet from the movie Hulk