Spider TERROR: Giant PREGNANT huntsman leaps out of Brit’s bag

A BRIT woman returning from a backpacking trip to Cameroon got the shock of her life when a GIANT huntsman spider popped out of her bag.


And to add to the terror, the venomous huntsman spider was PREGNANT and was carrying a huge egg sac containing a whopping 400 babies.

Nora Serrat had been in the Cameroon rainforest for a two-week holiday and the spider, thankfully not native to the UK, had hitched a ride in her luggage.

The 32-year-old revealed: “It jumped out of the sleeping mat but we captured it with a carton box.

“The equipment was in the back of a car and I think the spider crawled into a sleeping mat.

“It’s not an impossible thing to happen considering the places we visited – but it was still a bit of a surprise!”

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