The Strangest Things People Eat

What are the Weirdest and Nastiest Things People Eat?

Please do not eat or try to eat anything you have read here, these items will harm your health and could possibly kill you.

Strangest things people eat


There are some truly sick people out there who eat some very odd things. These are all real cases of the most whacked out food choices on the planet!

Dryer Sheets

Yes, there are people who are addicted to eating dryer sheets! The video below documents a true case of a woman chewing scented dryer sheets on a daily basis.

This woman eats up to 8 dryer sheets per day, that’s over 3000 sheets per year! She says the “flavor of dryer sheets is spicy and tangy at the same time”. She wraps the dryer sheets in toilet paper so she can tolerate the toxic chemicals found in them.

Glass Eater

This guy eats glass on a regular basis. What I find strange is the lack of cuts on his mouth. Why oh why would you want to do something like this?!

Couch Cushions!

OMG, this woman in the following video eats couch cushions daily. She breaks off a piece and carries it around in her purse. “I love couch cushion, the way it sits in my mouth, it’s soft, it is a really good taste”. This has to be one of the strangest things I have seen all day. To date she’s eaten seven couches and two chairs worth of foam cushion. I wonder if her mouth waters while walking through a furniture store. MMM, I bet that couch tastes really good, I want that!

Woman Eats Her Husband

This woman from Tennessee lost her husband a few years ago to a tragic asthma attack. She started carrying her husbands ashes around everywhere she went; shopping, to the movie theater etc. OK, I guess that’s not too crazy,  but she went and upped the ante. One day she spilled a little bit of her husband, she said instead of sweeping her husbands ashes onto the floor, she would just eat them. Ever since she has really taken a liking to eater her soul mate. This woman is in dire need of some serious therapy, I sure hope she gets it soon before she has consumed her entire husband. What will she eat after her husband is totally consumed?


This woman has developed a real taste for chalk, she seems to enjoy every variety; even the XL sidewalk chalk in various colors.

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